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...story began in 2012 and it was born out of per love...the love of my daughter, Lyric. She had suffered from eczema seems like as soon as she was born. It was on certain spots on her body and even on her scalp. We used all the prescribed creams and shampoos even steroids but they did nothing. They seem to actually make her symptoms worse. I've always had a passion for all natural ingredients used in products. So, I did the research and handcrafted a skin and hair cream for her relief. After many trial and errors, I had created a product that provided my daughter with a life free from dry, itchy, flakey skin, scalp and hair.  

In 2015, I became licensed as a cosmetologist and this has made healthy hair and skin my #1 priority.  I absolutely love making hair and skincare products so much that it has now turned into a passion. This passion has consumed my every thought; it has become a part of me. I love the creativity involved and the science behind it all. Discovering how our skin and hair function is an advantage by understanding what it needs for improvement and stability. After making hair and skincare products for my family and friends for years now, we've decided to share this gift with the world.

Thus, Butta Love LLC was born.

Our goal is to deliver to you a more honest experience than commercial hair and skincare products, with the seal and promise of the pure natural goodness of oils and butters put here on the very ground we walk on.  

I have created a team of cosmetologists that test, gives feedback and help to improve our products. You'll always get an honest and proven product everytime you use our hair and skincare line.

Welcome and we look forward to you becoming apart of our story!

Chendrell Thompson

Be You. Be Love. Be Natural.

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