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Our natural ingredient based products promote healthy hair and skin. The hair products ingredients that we use will retain length, lessen hair breakage, sustains moisture, encourage growth and promote manageability. Our products do not contain ingredients that could suffocate, strip or dry out the hair, such as silicones, mineral oil, parabens, sulfates, synthetic preservatives, etc. We believe in healthy healing for hair and skin, which may lessen the chance of long-term health concerns.  Natural is always better for you, your hair and your skin.





Our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment is to produce quality products all while using natural resources. The effectiveness of all our products and the security to our customers are most imperative to us. We take pride in being a family own entity. During the creative process of product making, we ensure that every detail is paid close attention. We live by the code of honor, ethics and morals. Our products are created with a harmonious blend of herbs, exotic butters and oils from which we develop into naturally resourced products.




Never Tested 
on Animals

Due to the code of ethics that we live and operate by, we never ever test our products on animal and we do not purchase from sources that do. We do not advocate the use of animal research and its methods.  Our focus is on prevention of all hair and skin issues or concerns without animal testing. All of our products are tested on our family and friends...never on animals.  

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